Maxwell Dodge - Lack of white employees at like 20 to 1.

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I used to shop at the Maxwell BX all the time.A while back they had a court settlement to hire more minorities and I think they have gone way overboard.

I go through the food court all the time and they have all black employees except for 1 white lady cleaning tables. Inside the BX it is about the same. The only white employee is in the shoe department. I used to work there myself and really liked the job but now most customers just seem to complain about the poor service and lack of personal attention.

I do hope someone takes a look at this.

I used to look forward to shopping at the BX but now I feel like a lower class citizen.Many of my retiree friends seem to get passed over for jobs and we see new black employees there all the time.

Maxwell Dodge - Dodge Doesn't Stand Behind Their Warranty

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My fuel injectors went bad in the middle of the road.Dodge claims they will not cover it under my warranty because I have "contaminated" fuel.

All fuel has some sediment in it. That is why you have filters on the vehicles. I those filters are not adequate then they should either add filters or improve the system in some othe way. I paid $40,000.00 for my truck that 2 years later worth 0 because I can't pay the $10,000.00 they want to replace my fuel system.

Dodge is pulling a copout to trying to get me to file this with my insurance and get them to pay the bill rather than take responsiblity for it and replace it under my warranty.

My insurance company did not make crappy injectors, Dodge did.

Review about: Dodge Ram 3500 Slt.



I have worked in the heavy truck industry for many years.There is not sediment in any quality fuel that has been stored and handled correctly.

I have removed fuel tanks from litrally hundreds of units and the only ones with sediment in them were carelessness by either the owner or the retailer selling or providing the fuel.

"Rig" fuel provided for no charge to contractors is a prime example.Claim it on your insurance and move on, Dodge, Detroit, Cat and Cummins deal with this every day and all the same way, dirty fuel means you pay for injectors and pumps.

to bubba #809561

If you would,please explain why we even have fuel filters in vehicles.I would imagine it was a DODGE approved filter installed by a DODGE technician in a dodge factory or dealer on a DODGE vehicle.Seems like DODGE should've got more involved regardless of warranty specifics.

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